About us

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVIDEOTON Elektro-PLAST Kft. operates with more than 1300 employees in Kaposvár, the centre of Somogy County, and Marcali as one of the largest industrial employers of the region. The predecessor of the company was established in 1971. At that time the factory was known as one the largest electron tube manufacturers in Europe and it was the member of TUNGSRAM company group. After several strategic changes, it was acquired by VIDEOTON Holding Zrt. in 1997. The VIDEOTON brand name has been a symbol of excellent production quality for a long time. Learn more about this prestigious company group on its website. In 1997, in the year of acquisition, VIDEOTON Elektro-PLAST got the opportunity to jump into the battery business – at first in Kaposvár.

In 2001 we started to deal with custom packaging of NiMh and Lithium-metal battery packs. In 2008 we purchased our plant in Marcali to dedicate a separated site to the existing battery assembly activity. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Nowadays, we assemble mainly Li-Ion and Ni-MH batteries appearing on the shelves of almost every shop in power tools, household appliances and even in electric bicycles and stick vacuum cleaners becoming a new trend. The modern production areas being suitable for the requirements of the latest technologies provide separated operation for each partner to fulfil the content of individual NDAs. The renewed Li-Ion hall is equipped with ESD floor and air-conditions system. Free production area makes possible to spread the existing partnerships and receive further projects. Our activity is based on strategic partnerships and integrated manufacturing services. We have been offering manufacturing capabilities – at a cost level competitive on long term -, customized solutions and business models to our partners for 40 years now. World famous multinationals appreciate our business relationship and have rewarded our activities several times. Our aim is to fulfil our mission, and provide innovative manufacturing and complex services for not only Europe but the whole world. We are convinced that the commitment of our human resource is the basis of our dynamic growth and continuous revival. For further information please visit our main website: www.vtep.videoton.hu/en