Production & Technologies

1. Shrinking – we do shrinking with automatic cell shrink machines. The maximum dimension of the shrink ovens is H200 x W400 x L400 mm

2. Charging & Discharging – we charge NiMh and Ni-Cd cells and discharge them with automatic, computer-controlled charging stations during testing. Measurement results are stored. In case of battery packs we also do cell-balance tests.

3. Spotwelding – manual, semi-automated and even custom-made robotized welding machines.

4. Gluing & ultrasonic welding – cells are fixed to each other mechanically then we close the plastic housings and de the blister packaging with ultrasonic welding.

5. Assembly & testing – we have own-developed measuring software for automotive industry. We create poka-yoke assembling jigs and use them in automated or semi- automated production.

6. Packaging – we have different packaging methods like blistering and brown box.

7. Tampo printing & hot stamping – we have the capability to make single and multi-coloured printing onto different materials (plastic, metal, etc.) in special printing positions.

8. Different operations with wires – we can cut, crimp or solder wires.

9. Jig fabrication – we can produce welding electrodes and manufacture jigs if necessary.

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